Is the Cricut Expression really worth it?

Question by Lacey: Is the Cricut Expression really worth it?
For a few years now I've been amazed by the Cricut infomercials. I'm a creative person and love a lot of the ideas that the advertisement shows.

I've been toying with getting one for myself but don't want to have buyers remorse over it. Today, Black Friday shopping, I found two stores that had the Expressions for $ 150-$ 185. They by no means were flying off the shelves but from what I've researched seem like a reasonable deal?

My question (to those who own this product) is it worth the money? I'm not much into scrap booking. I'd like to get into but that's not my main focus. I'm looking to make my own holiday cards, create some framed pictures, maybe make wall decor, label things around the house, make gift tags, etc. My fear is I'll buy the product and the expense will keep snowballing. I've looked into the cartridges. Though they are cute I just want basic shapes and lettering. Do I need to keep buying mats, tools, special papers, etc? Is it easy and addicting or time consuming and painful? Do tell!

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Answer by grasshoppa_goat
i don't do scrapbooking either, i mostly enjoy getting precision letters for signs and cutting vinyl. specialty papers and cricut-friendly vinyl can be found for cheap on various craft and scrapbooking specialty sites. i bought some seasonal paper pads for $ 3-9 on recently.

i've heard a lot of people complain about the price of the cartridges especially for font cartridges. i downloaded a program for about $ 50 called sure-cuts-alot that turns any truetype font on your computer into what amounts to a font cartridge. i haven't tried it yet, but it seems pretty simple from the few times i've opened the program to check it out. you can also download shape packs for $ 5-10 via a partner of the sure-cuts-alot site. these effectively replace the $ 20-80 cartridges that are made exclusively for cricut.

with some savvy shopping, aside from the original cost of the machine, owning and operating a cricut doesn't have to drain your bank account.

my cricut expression wont cut?

Question by sonny cruise: my cricut expression wont cut?
it will cut if I hold the blade down
please help

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Answer by max's mom
you can adjust the blade so it will sit further down on the paper and make deeper cuts.. Sounds like that is all you have to do. You don't say which model you have so I can't tell you how to do it but the Cricut site has instructions for all its models. In my model (the oldest one) you go to the knob which is directly on the blade and change the number up or down for depth and pressure. I am pretty confident all you need to do is go to a deeper blade depth on your machine

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Small scrapbooking group in Houston?

Question by Micaela: Small scrapbooking group in Houston?
I would like at least one talented, gifted person who has time on their hands to scrapbook with me & my mom. I would hopefully not have to pay them b/c this will be for fun and socializing, too. We need help ... especially me with newspaper clippings and the whole length of newspaper articles (front page). THANKS.

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Answer by maxin_96
I would go onto and there's something there called a finder, I can't remember the full name, but you look up your area and there's e-mails of people that want to find others that want to scrapbook with them! You can find others in the Houstan area that are looking for people to scrapbook with, and it will tell you where in the area they are, etc.

It's worth a try! I think it's called scrapbooker finder but there's a link at the top of the page, and if not, look under the community tab, click on that and it should be there and it will ask for your state and you should find others in your area looking for people to scrapbook with. You can then e-mail them introducing yourself and telling them that you and your mom would love someone to scrap with.

You don't pay them, you would be making a friend to get together with, and they may even know of a group that gets together, they are called crops, crops are where scrapbookers get together and scrapbook together. You can also go to a local scrapbooking store or Michael's or AC Moore and see when they are offering crops and classes. If you do find someone on the website though, they may know of crops you can go to. You're NOT required to go to all of them, you just pay and go to the ones you want to go to, but to meet up and be friends with someone and scrap with them, you do NOT pay them! The crops you pay for because you're paying for the food that's ordered and the space in the store, and the help that's offered through the time of the crop, etc.

I hope this helped and you can find someone to scrapbook with! also has a message board, you can go to the community tab on their homepage and go into their message board and ask, everyone their is wonderful!! Scrapbookers are the nicest people! They will welcome you and you can ask if there are any crops, I'm sure if you post on their scrapbooking boards, you'll get tons of answers. Between that and going through their finder, you're bound to make great friends to scrapbook with!

I hope this helps!