Cricut machine question?

Question by Moto64: Cricut machine question?
My sister just got hired as an elementary school teacher and she is obsessed with this thing called a cricut, and from what I know they cut out shapes out of paper. I honestly know nothing about them, but I want to buy her one as a congratulations gift and was wondering if this one would be a good one to buy? I don't really understand the difference between all of them, but this one gets pretty good reviews

This is the link to the exact one i am considering buying

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Answer by drip
major difference is the size it cuts.

I would get her one that takes a 12x12 mat.

for the same price

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Cricut Machine and Design Studio?

Question by : Cricut Machine and Design Studio?
I am planning to get a Cricut machine and I had a quick question. I've looked and looked on the internet but can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I know you can use the images on the different cartridges but I am wondering if you can use images from the internet or images from your computer files and cut them as well. For example, my mother owns her own business and has been wanting to get a vinyl decal done. Would I be able to somehow cut her business logo to make a vinyl decal for her car? Could I download her logo from her website or maybe scan the logo into my computer and then get the Cricut to cut it? Like I said, I don't have a Cricut yet so I am ignorant to the whole thing so I'm not sure if I can do that with the Cricut or with the Design Studio software. I'm not sure if that's what the Design Studio is used for or not, everything I can find just says it's for resizing and for using multiple cartridges on one design. If anyone could help me out and give me some insight I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by sansan4828
I am sorry to say this buy you can no longer be able to cut like you want to. It has to be on a cricut cartridge. There are other cutters that work with sure cuts alot and making the cut. These are software that let us use images from the computer like you said. But I think the cricut is a better cutter I also us an e craft machine and am able to cut with the sure cuts alot.

Where can I get decent scrapbooking materials?

Question by JenK: Where can I get decent scrapbooking materials?
I want to start scrap booking. However, with a quite expensive trip to Michael's i realized this is going to be an expensive hobby. Does anyone know of some cheap sellers ? Or where i could find some nifty/not so trendy scrap booking stuff? Even a good website dedicated to inventive scrap booking would be much appreciated.

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Answer by Ella
Scrapbooking can get quite expensive, but Joann fabrics and Michaels usually will put out weekly (or month-long) coupons to use. There are also some specialty stores, so I would consider doing an internet search for scrapbooking stores around your area. We have a store near our house that keeps a 50-80% off bin in the front of the store.

Also, Michaels and Joanns frequently have clearance and sale items where you can occasionally find scrapbooking materials.

Hope I helped somewhat.

Scrapbooking for beginners?

Question by : Scrapbooking for beginners?
i want to know a few things.
-what exactly do you put in a scrapbook?
-where do u buy a scrapbook hard cover?
-what are the basic materials you need for scrapbook?
-where can i buy scrap book materials?

all in Singapore.

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Answer by Susan L
I typed Singapore + scrapbook in my search engine and came up with quite a few stores. Here are the top three mentioned:

Scrapbooks usually contain photographs and stories. I also scrap cards, letters, memorabilia of trips I've taken, schedules, old calendars etc. Anything i want to remember, I scrap about it.

Basic tools for scrapbooking are a sharp pair of good, smallish scissors, acid free double sided tape, a paper trimmer, and paper punches are fun to use. You will probably add more tools to your collection as you decide what you want to make and settle on a style.

You will also need some cardstock and patterned scrapbook paper, ribbons, lace, buttons, brads, etc (embellishments). The stores I mentioned should sell all you need.

More information about making a scrapbook, the tools and adhesives you might need, is here:


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